5 Steps to Wide-Awake Eyes


1: Rise and sparkle From Health magazine Droopy tops, barely recognizable differences, puffy packs—what a bad dream! Wake up tired eyes quick with these basic methods.

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2: Target packs To minimize puffiness, utilize an item with caffeine, as Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel ($49). Furthermore, for dark circles, attempt a cream with peptide haloxyl, which balances out the veins that cause discolora­tion; we like Kiehl's Line-Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate ($40).

3: Hide dark circles 
Fluid concealer recipes work best. (Ones with intelligent shades are perfect in light of the fact that they give radiant scope without looking cakey.) Nick Barose, a VIP cosmetics craftsman for Clarins, recommends applying establishment first to help mix in your concealer for a more normal look. We cherish L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Line-Minimizing and Tone-Enhancing Concealer ($11.95).

4: Let lighting work for you 
Highlighters, with their ultrafine sparkle particles, make an age­less brilliance around the eye range. The most downplayed look originates from high­lighting pencils in quieted shades of champagne, camel, and gold; keep away from pink in light of the fact that it can emphasize red tones in and around eyes, says Joanna Schlip, cosmetics craftsman for Physician's Formula. One to attempt: Almay Bright Eyes Liner and Highlighter Duo ($8.49). For the most common looking sparkle, include a touch of highlighter at the inward corners of your eyes and directly underneath the curves of your temples.

5: Choose a shadow shrewdly 
Shadow ought to emphasize eyes—not their sur­rounding blemishes. Keep away from blue, purple, mauve, and lilac tones; these shades worsen dark circles. Rather, attempt a sparkling peach over the cover. On the off chance that redness is an issue, pick a green tint to balance the blood red: Avon True Color Eye Shadow in olive ($4) functions admirably on all skin tones.

6: Add eye-poppin

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